You take the health safety of your food products seriously. We take the same approach to food packaging.


The New Gold Standard

SQF is recognized globally as the new gold standard in food safety management. So you better believe we were one of the first paperboard manufacturers to commit to the rigorous qualification process. Yes, this involved adapting our plant floor and adhering to the strictest control protocols, but for our clients who trust us with their products and brands we were proud to take this important step.

What is it?

SQF stands for Safe Quality Food, and it is a program developed out of consumer demand for the most stringent food safety processes. These processes span the entire food industry, touching companies from food growers and distributors to retailers and suppliers.

Certification verifies that we have implemented robust controls to deliver maximum food safety in the food packaging products we manufacture, and that we have also demonstrated continuous process monitoring to ensure all food safety protocols are constantly maintained.

Safe Direct Food Contact

Ensuring our packaging solutions are safe for direct food contact is critical in our role as a trusted partner to leading supermarkets, restaurant franchises, and wholesale food manufacturers. This means the packaging solutions we provide do not require food barriers such as wraps, paper, or trays, helping control costs and contributing to easier loading systems. Regardless of the packaging requirements of our clients, the SQF protocols we have in place ensure absolute health safety every time.