Our Freshness Technology involves knowing exactly
what factors to consider when delivering food packaging solutions.

Box Design

What's the food product? A gourmet cookie, cake, or pie? How about the count on the donuts, pastries or muffins? Are you marketing a deli item instead? Will the item be sold hot, cold, or at ambient temperature?

Our expertise in box design accounts for all of this to ensure you the right packaging for the right product . . . every time.

Packaging solutions for any food temperature

  • Hot
  • Cold
  • Ambient

Paperboard Substrate

What is the weight of the product? How will it be loaded? What is the shelf life? How will packaging inventory be stored? What are the goals or mandates for recyclability?

We build performance into our solutions using advanced paperboard substrate technology, meeting the needs of specific food items, as well as all organizational processes and business goals.

  • CRB
  • Coated Recycled Board
  • 100% Recycled Fiber
  • Clay One Side for Good Printing
  • VariousGrades & Strengths
  • Eco-Friendly & Economic
  • URB
  • Uncoated Recycled Board
  • 100% Recycled Fiber
  • Maximum Eco-Friendliness
  • Very Cost Effective
  • SBS
  • Solid Bleach Sulfate
  • Virgin Material
  • Ultra Smooth & Consistent for Crisp, Bright Colors and Sharp Contrast
  • Good Strength & Rigidity
  • CUK (SUS)
  • Coated Unbleached Kraft
  • Virgin Material
  • Clay One Side for Smooth Clean Printing "or" we often Print the Kraft Side for that Natural Kraft Appearance
  • Excellent Strength & Rigidity

Food Oil & Grease Barriers

Cooking oil and food grease don't stand a chance when confronted with our expertise in designed barrier coatings. This means recipes can include all the best-tasting ingredients without worry of packaging decomposition or food cross-contamination.

Window Barriers

By designing windows into our food packaging solutions we optimize food visibility. But the design process doesn't stop at custom shapes and sizes. A critical component to designing the right window involves considerations such as food loading, merchandising temperatures, condensation, and breathability.

Air Movement

A vital aspect of maintaining food quality and freshness is eliminating, restricting, or otherwise controlling air movement within product packaging. We do this by applying our knowledge of the unique air movement needs of various food items, and designing the proper air flow solution across both our special paperboard and windowing materials.

Proper air flow is vital in keeping baked and deli goods as fresh as possible.